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Well..itis March already

what r your plans for the new month..

Mits bhaiya..preparing yr seedlings??

I got 4 of the lil fine bird peppers so i am hoping the seeds grow

n also my wiriwiri ( i got some wiriwiri peppers from Gy..dem tings HUGE n not very hot …saved some for seeds

Chams gave me 2 dried seim but i donthave room for the vine kind n last year i saved a few dwarf seim but the seeds dont look. Good.  They r tiny n dont  seem healthy  except abt 3-4 .

Im not doing karaila this yr as the squirrel stole almost all of them.(so many) whn they were still babies

hopei dont get bitter squash again this yr..

i got lilbit marrid man poke seeds from cayman ..hope i get at least 1 plant

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@Mitwah posted:

Watch the  Indrani Mukerjea Story: Buried truth. On Netfilx.

Featuring new revelations and unprecedented access, this docuseries digs into the disappearance of 25-year-old Sheena Bora and the shocking aftermath.

This show reveals the corruption and scandals.

I thought this was the actress Indrani Mukerji …

never heard abt this story before..

but thanks..will take a look at it

@cain posted:

My plans for March is to only shovel this dam snow once a week instead of two-three times.

I am actually hoping to get back into my music. I met someone who purchased a tavern a couple mins from where I am and we had a talk, now waiting for it to reopen.

This neck of the woods boring tarass man I do look forward to this.

Whaaaa…u shovelling snow Cain..??? Oh no!!!!

ow sorry to hear…

well, hope u get to sing n play yr guitar soon..

all d best!!


Yesterday March 17th was 46 yrs since my daddy died!!

I made this post on fb…

sharing it here …here it goes!

March 17. 1977 , my world collapsed…just like that! My dad passed away suddenly. He Got sick at 3 am , was in coma at 1pm n died 545 pm.
At 17 yrs of age, he was literally my  world..literally he was everything to me. I was in GT, just started teaching , after I grad high sch. So i stopped going to our home in Leguan after he died because I couldnt face going to that house n not having my dad there. HOME was no longer HOME to me after my dad died.
I focused on my new life in GT n studies(UG) n carved a life in the city , visited but stayed at my bro’s place (didnt go to my mom’s house, she came to see me at my brother’s)
For 17 yrs, I cried every night for my dad..missing him n wishing I had chance to say goodbye or to see him before he died. ( I did go to the hospital whn i heard but-he was lying on the bed n i thought he was in a deep sleep (i didnt know he was in a coma ) so my visit was just for a few mins . I left the hospital thinking that my dad was sleeping soundly not knowing he would take hislast breath 15 mins after I left the hospital .
It took me 17 yrs to get over this loss. Well I should not say β€˜get over’. Rather it is more like acceptance . It wasnt until I faced the truth n accepted the loss, that I was able to find JOY in the memories. 17 long years!! if I should write a book on my dad n the 17 yrs I spent with him, the things he taught me as kid, the stories he shared..i will have a THICK book!! who knows..maybe 1 day i will decide to do
Well..i still miss my daddy today , 46 yrs after he left me n this world .
But since I was 34 yrs old n faced the truth n endured the pain , I have nothing but joy whn i think of my daddy.
The countless memories keep him alive in my heart n will keep him alive until the day that i cease to breathe.
I loved him the most ie until I got my own kids !!
RIP daddy!

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