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Oh no!!

I was introduced to it in 2001 ( was visiting my niece in Cambridge n she showed me the directory)

I returned home i combed thru it (spent hours

n I found so many childhood friends from primary n high sch..also neighbors

i typed names of schools n villages in the search box!!  

i reconnected with so many thru this directory

i found 1 person n thenthat person would connect me to another n another..

Those were the days of email..n msn messenger only

i listedmy name n a few persons reached out to me as well..

it was very very useful n effective

so thank you for that directory

sad that it is gone !!!

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@Amral posted:

Lynn  go here

I am not sure how it is back up. I never renewed the domain of, but someone else or company bought the name and recopied everything that is posted on And somehow the directory is working from their end, but for how long I am not sure and how they got the script to work I do not know. I am no tech expert.


thnx BM

will chk it going to work now..have a good evening


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