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So who r yr faves??

Wht kind of movies u like..

Come leh abee gyaff about bollywood ..Prezo Irfon Ali.

i like old time movies..n song althought there r a few goodnew ones that I enjoy.

my fave starbai has been Rajesh Khanna since i was a lil pickney!! ..reason is  I like family drama n romance..

i dont enjoy  all the revenge n stuff like Amitabh used to do..all dem dacoits n rigmarole stuff!!( although i have enjoyed some of his movies like Kabhi Kabhie n barsaat ki ek raat)

i loved Dharmndra n Hema pairing off…2nd best JODI for me after RK n Mumtaz!!


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Rajesh Khanna was known worldwide. he was the beloved and most handsome Bollywood star. he portrayed love to heal Indians in the subcontinent after suffering so much in wars. Amitabh was jealous and decided to give him some competition. Amit portrayed the angry young man rising up against the system and fighting his opponents to their deaths. He was known for big and loud shootups, and doing his own stunts like in his movie Coolie where he almost died. Rajesh tried to heal the nation but Amit set them against each other. Amit was an egomaniac, a nasty man who destroyed the careers of Rajesh, Vinod Khanna, Shatrughan Sinha & many others. All the major male stars had to take backseat as Amit catapulted to the top

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Wow… I saw Anand  with both of them .. AB was a small fry!

I moved to GT 1976 n I used to onoy see old movues from 60’s-70’s or with older stars!

I didnt care for the new movies so I didnt get to see the younger actors from 80’s ... like from Rishi n Sanjay Dutt, Sri Devi etc.

But I moved to St Maarten n met  Gy who is married to an Indian n was 100% into their culture, even conversed in hindi.  She n I became close n she used to look at the new movies n so I started to get the video cassettes without subtitles. She would explain the bits n pieces I didnt understand. 
By this time Madhuri was very popular n Aamir Khan , Juhi n Karishma were introduced.. so i loved their acting. Srk hadnt made his mark at that time (91-92) I Saw many new movies as I was homesick… so this is how I got familiar with the new movies n actor's from the early 90’s . Never liked Salman.. although he can act!

Whn  I came here in 95, i started to buy dvds for $ 5 from an Indian store across from us .ie old movies n SRK n the younger ones like Hritik n Rani etc .

Then  I got Zee TV pkg N started to see all the stars on talk n reality  shows.. young n old n not so old !
sri Devi was a great actress n I saw many if her movies including her 2 comeback films , English Vinglish n Mom but she was never my fave. For the newcomers Madhuri was my #1 , then Karishma n then Rani. I like Deepika now . Priyanka is good but again she isnt in my fave list. Alia is a good actress too but im not too fond of her.

Aamir n SRK r still my top guys n i like Hritik n Rambir.  Cant stand the show off Ranveer .. lol

i loved the young man who died…Sushant.  I think he was heading to the top.. unfortunately he ended his life.


Loved Shammi n Shashi n Mala Sinha too!

I liked Manoj n Rajendra n Sanjeev  Kumar

I liked Sharmila n Raakhee too

Jaya was a good  actress too but not too fond of her

I Didnt  care for Biswajit or Anil Dhawan n Navin Nishol

my sis loved Reena  Roy n Leena Chandravarkar n Tina Munim

i saw a few movies with Poonam Dhillon n Padmini Kohlapore n liked them

@Mitwah posted:

He is an Indian

@Mitwah posted:

He is an Indian-born naturalized Canadian.

Sometime during or after the 2011 Canadian federal election, the Conservativegovernment granted Canadian citizenship to Kumar by invoking a little-known law which allowed circumventing the usual residency requirement for Canadian immigrants.[1]According to a former Conservative Party minister, Tony Clement, the citizenship was awarded in return for Kumar's offer of putting his "star power to use to advance Canada-Indian relations", and Canada's "trade relations, commercial relations, in the movie sector, in the tourism sector".[1]

@Mitwah posted:

But the Kapoors dominated for 8 generations. They have stifled millions of other actors. Even the Khans had limited access.

True but I still loved them as actors.. i enjoyed their movies ( except for randhir n im not a fan of kareena)

i love Dharam as an actor n Hema as an actress n better yet as a jodi!! But i dont like their personal  life.. he was a married man with kids n had affair with Hema n then became a muslim just so he can have 2 wives!!
But this has no relevance to their acting career n doesn't stop me from enjoying their movies n loving them as actors!!

Many of these actors n actresses do not live decent lives ..

Madhuri ( my dave gal) had affair with Sanjay Dutt whn his wife was sick with cancer)’

Sridevi was pregnant with Boney’s child before he was divorced n before him she had affair with married Mithun

salman’s dad has 2 wives ( Helen is wife #2)

sanjay khan had affair with Zeenat Aman …

but u cant deny their talent n it doesnt stop me from liking them as actors!!
there were a lot if rumors that my boy RK was abusive to Dimple.. i he will always b my superstar!! Sure im disappointed n sad to hear such stories..but he was the 1 st n only superstar for me n will always b my all time fave starbai


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