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I wish I could eat some of your food but not the beef because of my Hinduism. I believe the beast rides a cow. The cow is the significance of the achievement of Krishna against the evil.that is responsible for the limitations of life. The cow enabled the movement of the gods and goddesses with the Moon and moo sound. Anyhow enjoy your cooking Amral. Don't let me discourage you.  Http://

Ronald Anthony Arjune
@Amral posted:

Gyal these days meh down to eat whatever meh get lol

So u dun cook?
I just tried zucchini muffin/cups from a recipe I saw yesterday. It come out ok But I will tweak the recipe  a bit the next time!
Going  make some tuna n salmon fishcakes fuh my gal pickney .. she coming to visit n want eat some goodies


stay safe!

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@Amral posted:

Good morning peeps. Weekend off. Have to cook today. I am thinking bagee with beef, dhal, fried rice with chicken and chowmein with beef, then thinly sliced potatoes fried up with chicken, I know its a lot of food. But I cook in advance for several days.

Jeez Bro, just caz I tell u that I was going to be ur area today and will drop by for dinner, u had to go and cook everything with beef…

well, warm up the dhal, rice, bajee and fry aloo …I am  at finch and ur cornerπŸ˜ƒ

Good foods u cook bro. All dem boys who eat are lucky

@Amral posted:

Finish cooking since 11. Watching some cricket now with a glass of brandy

😹😹πŸ₯ƒ I have two huge bottles of Brandy for US…

@Amral posted:

I craving potato balls or phoulouri now

Well bro, put and ad out for woman…specify that the MUST make phoulouri and potato balls ( or send one the boys to that restaurant near Shepard to get u some it’s cheaper than keeping a womanπŸ˜„πŸ˜ƒ

@Wildflower posted:

When hubby was around I used to make lots of aloo/ egg ball

i don’t think I’ve made it in over 7 yrs

my phoulouri never comes out good😧

I never made eggball or any

i tried the chicken thing called chicken balls a few months ago..n it β€˜loose up’ in d oil..lord have mercy ( ni. Used aloo as the girls dont eat cassava)