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Dear Mr Amral  Khan "Guyana News and Information"

Good day. My name is Eric McLean aka “English” from Kelly Village TV a YouTube channel in Trinidad and Tobago. I'm writing to ask if you'd be interested in participating in our podcast about the Caribbean and Caribbean food. This maybe of interest to those who've been to or tasted Caribbean cuisine and/or those who have services, opinions or events to promote.

For the non-Caribbean's. If you've tried Caribbean food, like it and can remember where you bought it that's all the qualifications needed to appear on this podcast.

The format is very simple. You're asked if you've ever been to the Caribbean. Depending on your answer, we'll discuss where you've been or where you'd like to go. The main topic would be what Caribbean food you've tried and like either in the Caribbean or where your from. Plus your profession and/or cause has interested the producers of the show and will make up a significant part of the podcast.

That is the show's concept. Personally I find the topics of food and tourism very interesting and would eagerly like you to take part in this podcast whether you've been to the Caribbean or not. We are not looking for food experts but people that like Caribbean food.

I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. My contact info is below.

The name of the show is “Wats ur Fav Caribbean Dish”

I'm contacting engaging people around the world from all walks of life especially personalities from MMA, football, artists, motor-sports, singers, comedians and podcasters. Unfortunately Trinidad and Tobago is not a YouTube monetized country so we cannot offer you any financial remuneration, this is done entirely out of love of food and conversation.

I'm not looking for food experts, just people who like Caribbean food. Please let me know if you interested in taking part and I'll send more info and discuss whatever time is suitable for you. If not you may know someone in your organization that likes Caribbean food and maybe interested.

KVTV started in 2009 giving people experience hosting and presenting short programs. Our most popular tourism show has over one million views and over 700 videos are hosted on KVTV.

The founder “English” was also the director of Black Shorts Video Showcase and Black Shorts Internet TV hosting the UK's first online cookery show “Low Heat” in 1997 and the UK's first online football fan show “Football London” 1999.

Black Shorts were also the visual directors for MetalHeadz, the UK's largest Drum n Bass company, from 1996 to 2000

I truly hope you're keen to be involved.

Expected runtime is anything from 20 to 50 minutes.

The podcast is similar to “Zoom”. All that's needed to participate is a phone or computer with a webcam and a good internet connection.

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Three versions are produced from the live stream. The live stream with videos, photos and info you send, overlaid on top of the video. Plus a five minute and a 60 second version with condensed highlights.

If you reply more info will be forwarded including a mockup promotional flyer, produced for your approval, using pictures from your social media or you can provided a suitable headshot photo.

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