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Amanat Ali is a young 19 yrs old residing at Faislabad, Pakistan. He loves playing cricket,snooker, going for long drives and singing. He has actively organised musical shows after the age of 16. People loved him at his shows.

He was fortunate enough to show his talent in front of great Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Sahib who was so impressed by him that he gave him his Rs. 500 as a token of his blessings. He is a true fan of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and also admires Shahrukh Khan & Sonu Nigam.



He came all the way from Pakistan to be a part of the vishwayudh in Zee's 'Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2007' in India. Now, he is the only one left from his country, and he wants to be the voice of the world. We find out what makes this young contestant tick.

Q.: Amanat, you are the last contestant from Pakistan still fighting it our on the stage of 'Sa Re Ga Ma Pa'. How do you feel?
A.: I feel great, although the pressure has increased, since I am the only one left. Honestly, it doesn't matter whether I'm from Pakistan or Hindustan. What matters is that I am in the top four. Now I have to work even harder.

Q.: You feel great? Despite the fact that all your friends from Pakistan have gone back? Haven't their eliminations upset you?
A.: I have also lost Indian friends in the eliminations. I felt equally bad for all the friends whether they were from Pakistan or India. I do not have any special feeling from contestants of Pakistan alone.

Q.: What is the feedback that you are getting from them?
A.: All their expectations are with me. They are happy that I'm still in the competition.

Q.: How much pressure are you under?
A.: There's too much pressure on me. As my guru Ismail Darbar ji says, "with the time that has elapsed and the fact that you have reached nearer your goal, my expectations have increased. You have to sing better than ever now." His words have inspired me, and strengthened my resolve to take on the increasing pressure as a step towards proving myself.

Q.: You have spent quite some time in India. Are you homesick?
A.: I do get homesick, but when I find love in the hearts of the audience, I do not feel that I am away from home. I wish it was possible for my family to come here and see the love that I have received.

Q.: The Indian audience saved you. How do you feel?
A.: I am really grateful to them. I'm trying to reimburse their affection by singing better everyday but the rest is in their hands.

Q.: You are in India for the first time. How has it treated you?
A.: I have told you earlier that I don't see any difference between the two countries, India and Pakistan. A border separates the two, otherwise I see the same roads, the same buildings and above all, the same love of the people. This country gave me inspiration to sing better.

Q.: Where have you been to in India till now? Tell us about your favourite places and dishes.
A.: I have been to Satara, Luknow, Allahabad, Ahmedabad, Delhi and many other places in the process of shooting. I have seen all the places in Mumbai. Satara and Mumbai attracted me the most. I like non-vegetarian food, and I'm happy that in Mumbai I can get it easily.

Here I like most sev puri, paani puri, bhel puri and vada pau. In Pakistan we call paani puri, gol gappe and it's a little different there. They serve water separately.

Q.: Songs from Pakistan have a better market in India. What do you think your scope in India is?
A.: I am happy that Pakistani singers have better acknowledgement in India. The singers from Pakistan like Soukat Amanat Ali, Atif Aslam, Rahat Fateh Ali, Ghulam Ali, Nusrat Fateh Ali and Adnan Sami are all very popular in India. They have developed a completely unique style.

I pray to Allah that I also can develop my own style. I'll launch my album after this competition, and I have faith that people will appreciate it.

Q.: Will you stay here for ever like other singers from Pakistan?
A.: I have tested my luck and have been somewhat successful. As far as living in this country is concerned I would very much want to, but I have to go back as my life is in Pakistan. However, I am also thinking of spending at least 10 months every year in India. Let us see.

Q.: If you have to choose any one between them?
A.: I'll definitely choose India.

Q.: Music has its own tradition in Pakistan.
A.: It's the same in Pakistan as in India. In Pakistan there are greats like Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Nurjahan, Ghulam Ali or Mehendi Hassan, and in India, there are greats like Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhonsle, Manna Dey ji and Rafi sahab. They are all equally respectable.

We have a saying, "take a brick from the ground and you'll find a singer underneath." Playback singing is big here, and most aspiring singers take Sonu Nigam as their idol. But things are different over there. They choose either Pop or Ghazal or Sufi.

Q.: Are you scared of losing?
A.: See, this is a competition and anyone can lose. I'm not afraid of losing. Even if I lose, I have won the love of the Indians.

Q.: How did you react when you heard that you were selected for this how?
A.: Coming to India was the best experience for me. I was so excited when I got to know that I was going to India. I had only heard about it till then, and it was a place I always wanted to visit. It is God's grace my dream came true. And I promised my friends that I'll tell them incidents of India after I go back to Pakistan.

Q.: You seem to have quite a heavy female fan following.
A.: There are many people who love me but you see only the girls! Maybe it is their love that has kept me hanging in so far.

Courtesy:Rajnee Gupta
Sunday, October 14, 2007
Suprise Birthday - Amanat Ali

India might not be his country but Indians have been showering him with a lot of love. Amanat Ali, the Pakistani contender for the Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2007 title, has gathered quite a huge fan following here.

His popularity was evident during a recent public appearance at Jai Hind College last Wednesday. It happened to be Ali's birthday and the organisers threw a surprise party in the college itself.

The other contestants belted out all their favourite songs, but the crowd requested Ali to sing some slow numbers like Tujhse naaraj nahi jindagi. "One of the girls almost planted a kiss on my cheek," Ali blushes.

The mega finals will be held tonight at the Andheri Sports complex. A number of big names will be there - Akshay Kumar being the most prominent.

Guest's Comments

Kareena Kapoor - Splendid! You were fantastic! I want to give you standing ovation! The song you have chosen is my dadaji's favorite song. I have an emotional bonding with this song and whenever I am upset, I listens to this song and get cheered up. You stole my heart. I got emotionally choked! The softness, love in your song was very good. You will definitely make Pakistan proud.

Guru Graph

- 10 Points - Superb, Mind blowing. Aneek you have promised me to sing really well today. Amanat has already given a superb performance and is already ahead of you. He is also ahead in love than you. (Not Again!)

Vishal Shekhar - 10 Points - Today something was missing but you sang with full emotions and your voice quality is so good. So you deserve nothing less than 10 points.

Ismail Darbar - You are versatile singer. You sang the song very well. Do your job and leave the results to God!

Comments from Maha Gurus

Pandit Jasraj - You are Allah's Amanat. Pray that you get all the success. you sang very well even without getting drunk. Did a great job

Jagjit Singh - Fantastic, Outstanding, Out of the world. Ask Himesh what else. Then Himesh shouts Mindblowing. He asks what is his age.

Amanat - 19.

Jagjit Singh - 19 mein yeh alam hain toh, aage jaake kya hoga?

Comments from Maha Gurus

Shekhar - I never felt this is a contest going on. I felt as if I am sitting in a concert and listening to a professional ghazal singer. It was superb!

Vishal - Your voice suites ghazals.

Himesh - This performance excelled all the performances till now of any contestant. Umdaa, Kamaal, Afreen!!!

Ismail Darbar - I am proud you are from my gharana.



His last song in the show, Tujhase Naaraaz Nahi Zindagi gave a new direction to the flow of the show. The colour of the show totally changed after he sang the song. One can say that he infused life in the song. It is a different story that the song itself is heart touching and it relates to everyone's life, but singing the song and maintaining its credibility is not everyone's cup of tea. A singer like Mika tried the song, taking the opportune time in the show, but he failed miserably to impress the audience.

Amanat, an ardent fan of Shah Rukh Khan, cried while singing the song. And it was felt by all the viewers sitting in front of the their TV sets. The finishing touch he gave to the end leg of the show cannot be better than the way he did it.

Music doesn't have any boundary, and Amanat Ali from Pakistan has proved the same. When he sings, people forget the tag of nationality he carries. People just forget everything. Now the programme has entered the last round. It doesn't matter who wins the musical show, whether the titleholder is from India or from the other side of the border, but the seer entertainment it has given to the viewers will be remembered for long. All the singers in the final lap are talented in art of singing.


24 Performances of Amanat Ali 2007

Ae Watan Pyaare Watan Aug 11th
Ajab Si Sep 29th
Albela Sajan Sep 28th
Bijuriya Aug 17th
Dil Luteya July 20th
Doorie Oct 13th
E - Ajnabee Aug 31st
Ek Haseena Thi Sep 21st
Fiza July 6th
Humien Tumse Pyaar Kitna July 13th
Hungama Hai Kyon Sep 28th
Ishq Kabhi Kario Na Oct 6th
Jhoonka Hawa Ka Aug 3rd
Jub Ese Chikney Chehre Sep 14th
Mitwa May 5th
Mitwa Sep 29th
Pardah Hai Pardah Aug 18th
Pretty Woman Oct 5th
Pyar Hua Ikraar Hua Hai Sep 22nd
Sawan Beeto Jaye Biharwa July 14th
Tere Ishq Mien Ranjh Oct 6th
Tujhse Naraz Nahin Zindagi Oct 6th
Tum Dil Ki Dhadkan Aug 24th
Tum Jo Mil Gaye Ho Oct 5th

Will try to present as much videos of these performances:


His name is Amanat Ali...

He is 20 years old...

He admires Shahrukh Khan and Sonu Nigam...

His claim to fame is being the 2nd runner-up in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2007...

His passion


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He is back in his home country Pakistan. Enjoying life with friends in Faisalabad and Lahore and also a little bit busy in completing his private album which he left half done to join the challenge in India.

As far his future assignments are concerned, he is doing one song for Bappi Laheri for K.C. Bokadia's movie "Junoon". Completed recording for Jai BalGanesh. Has some offer in Pakistan from movie makers but haven't given any "YES" to them yet. Keen to work as playback singer in bollywood rather. He prefers to build carrers in singing here in India. His private album recoded in Pakistan would be ready for release in February next year. World tour with music director Dabbu Malik is also in line. And the big one; he has recoded one song for bollywood King Shah Rukh khan.Talking about his future plan he says "First of all, I have decided not to reject any offer for playback singing. That's because I think that playback is a medium through which I will succeed in reaching out to my fans and audiences. Along with playback, I would continue cutting albums. This way I would always be in my listeners' hearts".

Aneek, Raja and Amanat in a battle to finale : SAREGAMAPA Challenge 2007

It was really a sheer pleasure listen to these SAREGAMAPA Challengers signing with Midas touch like maestro. No doubt they are really super singers of tomorrow. Wining and loosing is now become secondary the way they are giving back to back legendary performances. Whether it is Aneek's Laga Choonri main daag, Raja Hasan's Jhanak Jhanak Tori Baje Payaliya or Amanat Ali's Albela Sajan Aao re. As special Judge Jagjeet Singh and Pandit Jasraj says that you all are already Champions.

Sending off of poonam was very sad but the format says one has to leave every week. Well I wish all of them win but for those who are interested to Vote can cast their vote to their favorites here.

Aneek Dhar

Born in 1989 was the winner of the regional off spin singing competition, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Bangla, and is currently a finalist on Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2007.Dhar attended St. Xavier's College. During his free time, he plays Cricket and listens to music. He is a favorite of all mentors on Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2007. Himesh Reshammiya believes he has a good playback voice. At present he is the most favorite to win the Challenge.

Raja Hasan Sagar

Born in 1981 is a finalist on Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2007. Hasan was eliminated on 23 June in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2007 but was voted back by the public along with Harpreet Deol.Born in Rajasthan he is son of noted classical, folk and playback singer Rafiq Sagar, Hasan attended Paradise School. His most memorable moment was at the age of seven when he was blessed by the popular Rajasthani folk singer, Sanwarlalji Ranga.

We will feature Aneek, and Rajah later:
Most successful show of Zee TV came to an end (only 2007 session) and here are the results.

The winner of Saregamapa Challenge 2007 is Aneek Dhar of Himesh Reshammiya's Rock Gharana

1st Runner Up of the show is Raja Hasan of Vishal Shekhar's - Hit Squad Gharana

2nd Runner Up is Amanat Ali of Ismail Darbar's Yalgar Gharana

As promised we will feature Raja and Aneek; but before we do so we would like to get in some more Videos of Amanat Ali.