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@Mitwah posted:

I made a powder from dried habanero. I sprinkled on the baigan and at the base of the baigan plants. I sprinkled some at the top of the fence. This works for me.

In the evening, I water the seim with Dawn + veg oil and spray under the leaves. My Ochro  was not growing. So I moved them and watering them with lemon water since they need acid and I can see some progress.

With Karela, pick one flower and go around and touch the other flowers. This will trick the plant into producing fruits. Remember to pollinate the ones with baby Karelas.

With the plum tomatoes, cut pieces of cardboard and place them under the fruits so that they don't touch the soil. Feed them with egg shells or mix "tums" in water and give them a drink. The calcium will prevent the fruit from rotting at the bottom.

Poi will love the shade.

Thnx a mil Mits bhaiya..i will definitely save tips for next yr ..insects eat out the poi leaves…we r surrounded by huge trees..pine, maple n i dont know wht else..the yard isnt good soil either because the tree roots r there..(we r at corner house of main rds) d neighbor  had plenty big trees lining her fence so as soon as the sun leans in the afternoon..there is shade…n in morn the house shades theback we get abt 3hrs full sun in the back yard.  Cant plant in front yard (where the sun shines for sun up til sun-down because folks will just walk off rd n pick (they do that with apple tree shichis at the side of house and the INDIANs walk into the yard with plastic bags n just pick my ROSES..dont even bother to ask!! They fill their plastic bags n breaks off the roses n damage the plant. I would open the door n look at them..n they just walk away without saying a word.  I feel bad to say something because i know they use it for prayers plus they r old MEN (n women too) n i doubt they understand English)

@cain posted:

Diatomaceous earth could also be used around the plants. Even though it is not harmful to humans and possibly animals it should not be inhaled while sprinkling it...hard on the lungs.

Mits mentioned Tums..that is good, I also use epsom salts in the hole usually when I first start a plant.

This yr , I sprayed around the roots with epsom salt water, i have  2 old pepper trees from last  yr(hubby kept in his office as he  gets sun thru the window all afternoon).  The leaves r stunted n yellow..lot of flowers but they dry up.  The epsom salts didnt work on these .  Last wk  i did the milk thing as Mits bhaiya suggested

.n i used the dawn plus water for the insect on my pepper leaves

well, thanks to u guys, i am now β€˜educated’ for next summer!! Saving all the tips here


Time to join this cooking thread.......been away for a while, busy with summer and the 5 grandbabas.

Pouring rain right now.......we really need it, especially the farmers!

My veggie garden is a total failure this year.....not sure why .  Used cow and sheep manure, watered regularly, pulled weeds.......and nothing!!

I usually get zucchini and tomatoes galore! even my herbs are stunted

For today's dinner......roti with dhaal and stewed salmon (from can)

I bake a really good carrot cake.....have leftovers and will finish off after dinner with cream cheese icing!

Oh yeah..nice to c u VB..

chams abandoned me

well a lotof folks talking abt the weather n garden failure this yr!

I used to love carrot cake..but now i have to avoid cakes ..(watching my HbA1c/sugar )


Not cooking today..made zucchini lasagan last nite (with mince chkn n 6 bean medley sauce)

Have bora, baigan n bhaji in fridge with rice n sada roti.

plus my lentil soup n stir fry mix-veggies.

I Have  to cook a lot tomorrow as my lil girl coming over on sunday n she likes β€˜take-out’!! (She already asked for chicken enchilada) I saved lil duck curry for her..

anyway..u all enjoy yr weekend..stay safe


Wha u cooking these days BM??

i never made metem before i euntil Mon nite!!

i saw this recipe (Jean Powell) on youtube n tried it…it didnt come out too bad!!

i didnt have salt fish to use so it was veggie

(But it dried down too  much after it cooked…as i didnt leave enough broth whn i turned off the fire)  i was very pleased with my fat dumpling too..i never got that

Will try again..with some fried/salted fish


So Im not cooking today as i soon have to go to work…last nite i made baigan curry with chicken n aloo..

i love baigan curry, even vegetarian (i dont like fry baigan but love baigan choka)

I had fry karaila yes with dhal n rice n left over saltfish which i made on Sunday to eat with aloo bakes!

I Have  my usual bean soup n mixed stir fry veggies  a n lil piece of eggplant lasagna

have a good evening…


ayuh walk in d karna  n nah stump yuh big toe


@cain posted:

Today is gourmet's delight day. I going to Foodland and get a few of dem lil lil Otker pizza on sale for 3.99. I never liked frozen pizza but do find these not too bad except sometimes the crust can be hard and fine fine like bisquit.

Bai mek yuh own pizza dough nah!!

Btw i once tried the Afghani naan for pizza crust was yummy


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