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@Wildflower posted:

No cooking today

i had a craving for plain rice with hot pepper, onions, salt n some olive oil

now going to have tea n a slice of bread with almond butter for dessert


i havent eaten β€œoil n rice” since i was a teenager( it was my go-to meal whn karaila was cooked .. with fresh bird pepper from the yard ).. fresh home-made coconut oil though!

Other times I ate fry-egg ( plenty onion n pepper) or milk ( rich cow’s milk) with plenty thick cream n sugar!!


β€˜Carnival eats’..TV show featured a mac n cheese sandwich..


Toasted bread with garlic butter, then 2 slices havarti on 1 slice n 1 slice cheddar on other slice of bread..

filling: diced roasted chicken..cooked macaroni, cheese sauce n few other items, covered in bowl n smoked on a grill for 20 mins..then scoop up mixture n put between the 2 slices of bread..

this remindsme of a post i saw few days ago..

FRIED ICE-cream!!

@Wildflower posted:

Omg gyal you does cook so much…too bad I live so far

I don’t know how to cook small portions

every time I read about the variety of stuff on ur menu I does droolπŸ˜‹

I cook a lot on Sat/Sundays as i work on mon n tues n I dont cook on these days , then Wed is my β€˜rest’ day.. leisure time!! Lol. Whn  the girls r over,  I cook special stuff that they like n also cook extra for the lil 1 to take. Hubby eats real GY dishes.. im on healthy , low carbs .. big girl  is into health n fitness ( she does marathons) but enjoys a little Guyana goodies whn she visits. The lil 1, well,  i have to b gourmet chef.. international cook ! Lol

Also  i cook for my friends n my 85 yr old Italian neighbour , so i cook extra n share .. my Italian bff will stop by for goodies tomorrow n my Dominican  bff will collect dal n channa( her ex is from GY so she loves GY dishes


I just finish baking a small macaroni pie…it’s my boss’s fav and she don’t like it from frozenπŸ™„ she’s very picky and I get stressed if she no want to eat…sometimes I prep a buffet just so she can choose something to eat.

Her fav phrase right now is β€œchis mo peas” (chips) she had some Doritos on a recent long drive and now she asks for it😳