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America is using my opposite force due to my feelings of contact on the physical environment. This is why they are so powerful and deny the rest of the world their capabilities. This is why my video is not synchronized with the audio in this post. I believe the phase of left to right on the video is switched in the recording. Errors are present in life to detect the truth. They must have affected my books I published on and that is why they don't sell and people are unaware of them. When I attempt upload of this post, the opposite force will be used in the electronics. The door and the TV are on the opposite sides in the video. I am sure all of you are encountering unexplained problems with the things you experience in your lives because of an opposite application of forces. I believe this is why my teeth got so badly stained before when I had teeth due to smoking. I only pray that mother India is doing OK.


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Ron, I have two websites for you to check out.  May the force be with you always.

That is very kind of you Ali; the force has always kept me going, but in which direction? The webcams are nice but I don't sense mother nature integrated. I think I've made it difficult in the world for others because of what has been done to me due to my paranoia and mental illness. Allahu Akbar, , Krishna Akbar, Christ Akbar. I believe they are refusing to shed tears and that is why Christ is not returning. Maybe my anxiety has to do with tears, not shedding tears, instead feeling fear. I went to the Christian church today with my mother and it was very invigorating. They said raise your right arm to something they recited and I raised my left arm instead since I believe I am contrary to reality. I guess as long as I am alive I will endeavor to resolve the mystery of the conspiracy in life. What do you think about the abortion ban and the enabling of gun carry rights in New York? I think women have a right to their bodies because I think they are the creators. Also I think I would be safer in the trains in New York since people have a legal right to carry guns in case some criminal produces a gun in the environment. May the force be with you also always Ali, providing that the force helps the noble, and destroys the will of the devil.

Ronald Anthony Arjune

Hey Ron, perhaps you should read up on the Navagrahas.

Surya or Sun is central to the solar system, the provider of energy and, therefore, represents life-force, intelligence and prosperity. Chandra or Moon is closely linked to water bodies and influences the mind and emotions. Mangala or Mars is associated with courage and aggression, while Budha or Mercury impacts learning, analytical and communication skills. Guru or Jupiter symbolises wisdom and knowledge and is considered a key catalyst for success, while Sukra or Venus stands for wealth, beauty and desire. Rahu and Ketu are considered powerful points of energy and represent conflicts and β€˜karmic’ effects from previous lives.

Sani or Saturn is representative of austerity and discipline, which are important characteristics for leading a spiritual and fruitful life. This graha is often misunderstood and feared to have sweeping negative effects on people. However, under the influence of Sani, one develops a strong sense of responsibility and resilience, the ability to endure and overcome hardships. Sani is also known to shower immense blessings and spiritual strength.

A popular folklore based on Ramayana highlights the defeat of Ravana at the hands of Sani. Having brought the navagrahas under his control, Ravana made them lie face down on the steps to his throne. Even Sani could not cast his spell on him as he was unable to face Ravana from his position. It was then that Narada came to Ravana and mockingly told him that the latter had no guts to face the navagrahas and that is why he had made them lie face down. His pride pricked, Ravana ordered the navagrahas to lie on their backs. This enabled Sani to cast his spell on Ravana and set in motion the events that brought about his downfall, paving the way for the final battle with Rama.

In situations where particular grahas are found to have negative influences, suitable remedial measures are suggested including worship of those grahas on their corresponding days of the week. A sight that most temple-goers cannot miss on Saturdays, the day presided over by Sani, is the rush of devotees at his shrine to light lamps and pray for relief from the myriad problems they face in their day-to-day lives. These lamps are generally lit using pure gingelly oil and made with wicks constituting black sesame seeds wrapped in black coloured pieces of cloth.

Source: Worshipping the NAVAGRAHAS (


Maybe the gods and goddesses (Navagrahas) were turned into stone that indicates the death of their spirits as those forms. What would we have to do to the stone images to restore their spirits? I think time has to be destroyed so their memories can manifest in our minds to recreate them. Maybe it is time that we help the gods and goddesses and not the other way around because they are presently incapable to help us. I think God did this crime through the death of Jesus. The stone images must have to produce tears somehow so we have to think of that happening so it can happen. It is possible that the rain is telling us to do that with that sign of raining. Maybe we have to cry and put our tears on the stones to restore Krishna and others. What if the Jews put their tears on The wailing Wall what would happen? How do we induce crying to do this? Maybe we can put the tears of our babies on the wailing Wall or the religious artifacts.

Ronald Anthony Arjune

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