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Just for the record, I don't think I called for an invasion. I do remember calling for a cutlass against guns and stating that while I am aware that many cutlasses will be sacrificed, I am hoping for one cutlass to greet Granger. I had an easier task for the Americans. They already has the money from the oil stored in America so they can just keep it rather than let it get back to Guyana. I think that PTSD suffering fvck was let out of his straight jacket too soon.



When the dust settled ,will show what happened in Region 4 ,where the votes was increased for the PPP.

Bai, Django, Region 4: Please keep in mind that the PPP votes taken by AFC in the 2015 election were returned to the PPP. Some of the PPP supporters who were dissatisfied with the PPP returned to the PPP.
Remember your argument that Region 6 votes have diminished since 2011? Are you saying that the 80,150 vote count is not correct? I thought at the end of voting day March 2, 2020, all the representatives of each party verified the vote totals and signed to the SOP. The boxes were then secured and removed. WHY ARE YOU QUESTIONING SOP TOTALS???

Not all past election totals do reflect future totals. Wrong thinking. Election voting is a fluid exercise.


Results from past Elections.

Region 4

202080,150 ?

There will be no settling of the dust. Guyana is on a fast track to doom and destruction. Cutlass have been drawn and guns will be soon but what we have seen last week, cutlasses are worried about guns. Thankfully that oil is way offshore where no Guyanese can get their hands on it as that would surely be a lot of fuel for the impending raging fire. Let the games begin.

Dumb fvcking PNC pigs.



Yall see how some dumb rasses here got the board screwed up? Now no one knows who an answer is aimed at because the quote feature is off...

Cain, the poster lacks the courage to directly address who he is talking about. Childhood trauma in Kitty responsible when he lost his homan and bicycle to a man of the race he hates.


Ah notice yuh seeing posts by yuh "lil brother" about people mother and profanity and yuh give it a pass. If was me or Rochelle or Tota was curtains, right? Moderate or tek Baseman advice. See below. do fuh do nah obeah.

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Sase Gunraj

3:30 pm Update!

I was just refused entry beyond the barriers outside of GECOM’s High Street headquarters.

As I attempted to explain to the Police ranks my entitlement to be there, my vehicle was surrounded by an angry mob, all dress in and exhibiting APNU+AFC paraphernalia.

While doing so, I observed a Press Release from Yolanda Ward, PRO, GECOM. As usual, it mangles the purport and intent of the Order and subsequent orders of the Honourable Chief Justice.

After the blatant attempts to mislead CJ this morning, she was properly apprised of what was actually transpiring and dictated that the Statements of Poll be shown to the persons present.

The process must restart. The CJ could never mean that the few (about 89) remaining SOPs are the only ones to be displayed!!!

I guess it is only after someone is confined to prison that they will comply!!


Mohabir Anil Nandlall

12 mins Β· 


I refer to a Press Release issued by the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM’s) Public Relations Officer, Ms. Yoland Ward, a few moments ago.

The statement reads, β€œIn light of the recent decision to have the remaining Statements of Poll (SOPs) scanned and projected on screen for the Region 4 tabulation exercise, the Guyana Elections Commission has decided to move the exercise from the Office of the Returning Officer to the GECOM Head Office.”

Firstly, the Chief Justice made no recent decision. Today, the Chief Justice simply explained the purport and intent of her Orders. During this explanation, the Chief Justice emphasized on numerous occasions that the Statements of Poll must be the sole basis upon which the votes are added and ascertained and that this must be done openly, transparently and in the presence of the representatives of the Political Parties. Her Honour was informed that at one point in time, a projector was used to project the Statements of Poll against a screen and that process was accepted by all the Political Parties. Her Honour suggested that that process should be resumed.

Secondly, since the Decision of the Chief Justice was granted on the 11th day of March 2020, an Order of Court takes effect from the date and time it is made. Therefore, any process already completed, which does not comply with the Chief Justice’s Orders, more fully explained this morning for clarity, MUST be redone.

Thirdly, the Chief Justice made no mention whatsoever of the use of a scanner, as the scanning of the Statements of Poll, would not have been observed by the representative of the Political Parties and the use of a scanned copy of the Statements of Poll is not what the Chief Justice intended, nor what the law mandates. Both mandate that the Statements of Poll must be the primary source of the data, which is to be ascertained and tabulated.

In the circumstances, we demand the use of the projector, projecting the Statements of Poll, against a screen. That process was used without objection and received the approbation of the Honourable Chief Justice.

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