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Btw..whn we livedin St Maarten (91-92) I had a video cassette with dances ..Waheeda vs goodness beautiful .

I love the song/dance from Jewel thief as well

U know a kid n young girl backin GY, 1 classical song in a movie was worth the ticket

@Ramakant-P posted:

I think that in Guyana every male used to dance on Saturday nights.

I think everybody used to dance whn a nice song played on the radio…hehe

i rem whn out neighbor got married, they had juke box from dig dutty night until 2nd sunday n they blasted nice wedding houses songs every night..

we used to dance in the house ..bros n sisters..hehe

who can sit still whn u hear songs like

Das Gaye..

mohe lagi re

seekha nahi sabak tune pyar

bangle ke peeche

Parde mein rehne do

Daka dale

o meri sona ..

Jhumka ghira re

Now me feel like dancing

hehehe..not that i can really dance.. a kid ,  i used to dance at sch xmas parties..stopped after form 1 in high sch asi got too shy!!


@Mitwah posted:

Now thisis Padmini..

u know I used to mistake her for Vijayanthimala…then i thought they were sisters

(she acted in Mera Naam Joker m i saw her in another black n white movie where shehad 3 black dots n her chin..similar to Vijayanthi…

now this is  wht we can call DANCE.

@Mitwah posted:

Wow! Beauty and Talent .

Last nite I looked at Amrapali on netflix …never saw the movie before

imnot too fond of story line esp for Sunil Dutt..

but my goodness, the songs n dances by Vijayanthi..

n her acting skills ..i think Hema Malini has similar dancing skills but somehow in this movie..VM has an edge over Hema..

wow..her formations..such grace ! Effortless!1

loved the song Neel gagan ..


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