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Well since i injured my rt elbow (damaged tendon)last Dec, I havent been cooking a lot esp kneading flour

but i am slowly getting better n last night I decided to make my pizza again after 6 months..

made 2 ..1 veggies n other veggies with smoked turkey scraps..

(roasted the veggies: mushroom, eggplant, zucchini, red/gree/.yelow/orange sweet peppers, broccoli n cauliflower)

seasoned with eschallot n basil halved grape tomatoes n pineapple chunks on top

I also made  a crustless quiche using the same veggies (low carbs suitable for diabetics)



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Cooking some nice stew squash today with chkn

I saw a recipe on fb ..aloo paratha with liquid i want to try it!! Itis almost like a potato pancake !!

N i saw a person who made a paratha with seasoned oil..she put garlic, parsley n chili powder in the oil ..n whn on tawa, she brushed with ghee ..looks i want to try it

@Amral posted:

girl I have not eaten katahar for a very very very long time. I think they sell it already cleaned and frozen. But I like it fresh.  I have started to make my own roti now. Tricky to knead but after its made its not bad.

I used to buy the frozen kind but ately i think they r using KOWAH..d ting hard ..tek long to boil n it nah gat taste.

Used to buy fresh but they were too young…ie the seeds r jelly like..i hate that.

kneading flour for sada is long as u nah mek plenty..!! I made 2 nice soft ones in 15 mins yesterday..n mine swell on d tawa..i used 1/2 n 1/2 whole wheat n unbleached white flour.

will make a video whn. I have someone with me easy..

but i like mine  thick..

@Mitwah posted:

I have been clipping the leaves at the bottom to allow the air to circulate. This also help to prevent mold and rust to set in.  Yellow leaves become suckers.

Mits bhaiya..i trimmed the bottom leaves as my cuz told me abt this a few years ago..but just last week i found out abt the tips!! I was telling my Italian friend how the tomatoes r not getting ripe..n then she toldme i have to cut the tips..n also to cut the leaves/stems so that the green ones can get direct sunlight.  Within 2 days they started to change color..

@Amral posted:

good morning you two. Day off today and tomorrow. I plan on making a few aloo roti tomorrow. Hopefully it turns out ok. Might do some chowmein. ordering in food is expensive rass and not much variety for my tasting.

Food is very expensive. Last week coming home from an appointment, we decided to order Chicken Biriyani rice, 2 mutton rolls. That was $40+. Anyway, we had cucumbers, tomatoes and lettuce from my garden. Haven't had aloo roti for a long time now.

Have a great day guys.


thats correct Mits, just to order food for me and my son usually runs close to 50 bucks, we do eat it twice most times, but just cannot do that too often.

Next thing you know order in will be almost 400 bucks a month. I can cook 1 pk chowmein or fried rice for under 10 dollars each and get at least twice the amount as order in quantity

If I order 1 of each it will hit us up close to 35 dollars with taxes.

@Amral posted:

oh rass fresh salara and mauby is my calling

Talking abt mauby..i rem aunty Shairool selling outside of sch yar n d pine drink also n the other goodies.

i havent had mauby since i left  high sch…i prob had too Much (haha) as i didnt care for it after i left sch

Those were our snack on parika stelling ie mauby n pine drink with big chinks of ICE to cool down  from the heat…. With fresh fresh salara , cassava pone n sweet cassava bread n the cost was just 5 cets !!I opted for these  over  the cassava/aloo/eddo balls/bara/phulourie

@Amral posted:

yeah Aunty Shairool learnt all that from, her mother (my grandmother).  These old people raised an entire family selling those things, was not much money then  but they managed.

Very hard work..waking early to. Make a β€˜ton’ of snacks β€˜ for hundreds of sch kids…break time n lunch time..

there were 2 ladies..Mr Goolcharran’s mom from back st Zb . I know some kids went early in the morning to her home to buy breakfast ..

@Lynn posted:

Oh lard BM…me sarry!! Well..u can take yr eyes off the pizza..i made this for a friend’s  bday in July


Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! That thing lookin good.

Heyyyy youall looks like yall keeping the fire goin here. I've been quite busy with the Lil ones, doing ole people stuff and so on. I see my buddy Ron tearing tail in his threads.

Tomorrow I plan to make some Bulla cake with the rugrats. Last time they came out like paper weights so I hope this time it works.

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