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Keera..or white mouth..dem used to fool lil pickney that spider pee pun dem mouth whn dem sleeping!

KINNA..i had plenty kinna to eat food as a kid ( too much β€˜styles’/fuss) nah eat trench fish(sweet water fish like patwah, hoorie etc) except hassar …no goat or mutton, no pork or beef, no karaila, so chkn skin or boney part like back or wings/neck.foot

Bhaji..GY means spinach but Indians call all greens (veggies) bhaji


My nani came from india whn she was a kid n didnt speak english .  She lived with my mamoo but visited us during sch holidays. She used to mutter under her breath but she cussed in hindi .. i rem 1 word makachodo or makachoro lol

Im bot  sure wht it means but my mom scolded her whn she heard nani cussing us .. lol

she was partially blind n my bro thought she was playing trucks so he used to tease her n then she wud cuss! She died whn i was 9 yrs

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@Wildflower posted:

Form what I think I know, churkee is the tail or small pc hair sticking up after the rest of the head is shaved for Hindu religious reasons ( tradition)

Makachoree same as ungrateful or good for nothing…at least in the context it was used in my neighbourhood

πŸ‘Œ @churkee

namak haram is ungrateful

loongayra is good for nothing

Mits bhaiya!!

Malachodo  .. i think it’s cussing yr mudda .. maa ka chodo or choro


Mowr maur?? Wht dulaha wears on head

tikka .. the black dot on forehead to ward off evil eyes

haat/haath .. hand

sirbandi .. ( need help to describe/explain lol)


wht is hindi for bracelet or bangles ?? Churia?
wht r gunghroos .. foot bangle

jhumka is earrings

nafrat .. Hatred

dushman enemy



phool ..flower

haathi elephant


kala black

Zindagi life

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