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@Lynn posted:

Kaandell.. baby 9- day n they shave head

mek halwa ( i love baby doesnt look nice but it yummy) goes nice puri or dosti roti

Btw mooran .. isnt this whn  u shave baby head??

so kaandell n

Mooran  is same??

Me mother makes nice halwa….

not every body do mundan sanskar on the 9 day ….I did each of my kids’ shave head at different ages.

jhalka is what happens when liquid gathers under burn skin….. that raised bump

@Irfon Ali posted:

Gadaha is donkey, bandar is monkey

Yuh mudda evah call u dat??

i heard my parents used this word whn dem think somebody stupid like 1 dankey!!

Lord we lived in wonderful era….alld em words dis n hardly people get if u even talk lil hard..dem get highly offended

like whn u chul chul n lil mischievous..we does say β€˜yuh too disgusting’ ..

can u imagine if we tell anyone this now??

then whn i lil troublesome..yuh parents call u shaitan!! Or β€˜lil devil’

canu imagine anyone calling a lil kid this nowadays.


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