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@Mitwah posted:

I used to like to spread it on bread, back in the days. It's too salty.

It was banned in Denmark and now also here.

Really? I just bought one. Anyway, I love dunking Marmite sandwich in my coffee, you should eat it everyday man.

I trying hard to get yall back.

So Wildflower and Amral, yall tell me what you doan like so I tell you how fo cook it.


Hey, I like marmite. I recently bought it at Walmart.
I knew someone who used to make ‘tea’ with marmite and add milk,  also a fav in soup, on buttered crackers or toast.

I just boiled my cassava n breadfruit, kneaded dough for dumplings……will go to no frills in a bit ( forgot to get plantains)  


cainMan, I don’t care for karaila even though I am growing it. Will eat almost all veg.  Don’t eat beef. Will eat almost all wild animals, I know.. you don’t eat meat or eggs ( most likely those were gander eggs)  Don’t care for red sauce on pizza or sweet peppers due to upset stomach.

I curry anything….green apples, egg, ochro, fiddle heads😃

@cain posted:

Fiddle heads rock. I like that, too bad it's only out for a couple months, I wonder what it's like to grow.

A field of ferns, the ones that grow wild

saw lots of people harvesting at the trails/ parks


I bet none of you ever tried Puffball. I first saw it where I live, it's a huge mushroom almost the size of a soccer ball, if you were to burst it it would emit a puff of white dust. It has a steak like texture.

Mits, Marmite and IrnBru (Scottish drink) were seized and it caused some confusion for those who consume them. Othero foods from a Saskatchewan store were also seized for some strange reason but those foods are not banned here.

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Chowmein is Wednesday cooking.

tomorrow I will cook some chicken curry n potato roti

i don’t have an air fryer but I am often treated to lots of stuff done in air fryer. Had air/fried cassava chips for lunch few days ago


I made the best homemade turkey burgers for dinner tonight.

Added shredded zucchini to make it nice and moist, along with crushed garlic, a small amount of wholewheat bread crumbs, salt and pepper.

Between wholewheat buns, topped with lettuce, tomato and red onions.

Grandsons ate 2 each!!!


I havin oral surgery tomorrow afternoon so no eating much through weekend, so I staying up an eat everything I could find. I opened a pkg of Maple smoked salmon an it jus about done. I had smash potato, steamed beets, corn an peas, vegetable patty an a bit of Jasmine rice, an pepper sauce.

VB if you see the amount of wild turkeys congregating where I am...I once counted forty just hanging around. My daughter saw a pic I took of it and remarked,  "Wow, lotsa sandwiches there"

Yesterday I saw a doe along with her fawn standing approx twenty feet from me, I turned to get my camera but they both bolted.

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Hey Cain, good luck with your surgery. You should get some jello, soup and Ensure ready so you can have something to eat after.

Dem wild turkeys got to be hard.....wonder if they are edible?

My 14 yr old and 12 yr old grandsons are spending a week with us.....I forgot how much food growing boys want/need (my son is now 39 yrs old).  Full breakfast, lunch, dinner and 5 snacks in between......and at 10pm every night before they go to bed they want tea and arrowroot biscuits and if I let them they will eat a 'tube' each of the biscuits.  I buy all kinds of food stuff for them in bulk from Costco.


hiya Deed

Turkey with shredded zuke? That’s definitely on my must do list! I have so much zucchinis that I am constantly asking people to take them.
Made fritters, noodles, cakes, stew, curry etc

wow, still can’t imagine your grandsons are so grown

lol at the amount of food they eat…growing  boys gotto eat


on the menu today, paratha roti with garden baji, fry aloo n maybe some corn on cob


My daughter is getting lots and lots of zucchini also and is passing on most of them to me.

I have made curry zucchini/chicken, zucchini noodles sauteed with garlic in olive oil for exactly 3 minutes (so yummy), shredded and added to turkey burgers and chicken meat balls, and so far 3 sets of zucchini bread/cake.....with chocolate chips as it's the only way the grands will eat it.

Plan to make zucchini Parmesan next.


The funny thing with zucchini......I bought 6 plants in the spring and decided that too many for my lil garden so I gave 3 to my daughter and I planted 3.

Harvest so far....

My daughter - too many to count

Me - zero, zilch, nada, none!!!!

not sure what happened with my garden.

same with cucumbers.....I got 2.

my daughter.....too many to count.


Deed, that’s very strange about the zucchinis and cukes…

I also have lots of acorn squashes which my son loves to roast with brown sugar, cinnamon n black pepper

Have a few butternut on vine, 2 pumpkins, some bora, butter bean- white and purple, bigan, peppers, tomatoes, herbs etc

we have grilled zukes with olive oil, black pepper and oregano

made Parmesan zuc n eggplant in same pan

of course, I ain’t Guyanese if I never curry zuc or stew it up😹