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So yesterday I said no cooking and went off on a7k hike, got home and someone said they heard me mention tomato choka and roti…so of course I made it 🙄

today I made smoked turkey( from Costco)  cookup with lots of basil n thyme, poi, carrots n even added green beans for the first time. So far the review is good😋

@cain posted:

I see our grocery store carrying perch and pickerel, that's nice fish.

Didn't Guyana have tilapia?

I enjoy those when my son catches…never bought it yet

I knew a family in Greenwich Park who had a tilapia pond….can’t say I’ve ever cooked it but I have eaten it many times

@Mitwah posted:

I had Pollichathu fish and biryani rice. All home made.

now I feel like eating some real spicy food from Baboo

always enjoyed their lamb vindaloo

as I’ve said b4, most times I cook for just me so sometimes it’s easier to just pick up a naan n some cooked goat or lamb

@cain posted:

With kindah of slackness I hearing, crabcurry gettin a plane ride?

Is more than slackness with them customs dudes…nah, they ok with cooked stuff.

I have to admit that I do enjoy blue crab curry or soup but have never cleaned it. I guess I will only eat king crab when my ppl dem stop visiting. There’s a Diana seafood place about 2 blocks from me, a few of usually buy a box of king crabs…yummy  I’ve made Cajun style crayfish and crab legs which the whole fam enjoy.

lunch today was tomato choka with paratha ( yesterday I picked another five gallon bucket of tomatoes)

@cain posted:

You gotta be stocking up on blue butter just in case.

Never heard of blue butter. I googled it and seems like it’s something I can use on my K9 paws. The old boy gets itchy paws and sometimes he gnaws on them. He gets severe allergies every august🙁   The younger girl is ok so far.

@cain posted:

Did you put sardines on it or Marmite?

Never had marmite on pizza but used to like anchovies

I also like sliced eggplant with skin on my pizza with garlic and pesto, fresh tomatoes, jalapeños, red onions, pine and chicken

I do enjoy tomatoes in every way including soup but for some reason don’t like red sauce on pizza

we made a nice batch of pesto when the basil was in full bloom ( by we I mean I grew it and the tenants downstairs made it😁 i.e. my son and his gf) They also made lots of red currant jam and jalapeño spread using my garden produce…mmmmm

sun is less, garden callin me


I grew some butter beans for the first time. First few times I picked and gave to my mother. Yesterday I picked and cooked it with lots of tomatoes…had it with roti. I don’t think I ate butter beans since I left Guyana

Today I had boil n fry black eye beans for dinner


Today's dinner......cauliflower with ground turkey (cooked with a bit of curry powder, garamasala, tumeric and lots of tomatoes from my garden.....of course plenty onion, garlic, cilantro, green onion and ginger)

Eaten with brown basmatti rice