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What a day. I finally sitting, nay…. Laying ( I ate too much😋😄)

I went to grocery stores from 8-10, came home had breaky and started to prep for cooking…just ate n had to rest my feet. In half hr I have to catch up on some sewing… (niece getting married very soon)



I much prefer the early morning shopping also. Hopefully avoid the crowds and traffic.....even though in my lil town there is not much traffic if I use back roads.  There is a beautiful drive through a conservation area, only thing is the road is gravel.....and dem rich people living off of it don't want no smooth road to get plenty traffic.

Two oldest grandson sleeping over and for dinner, requested pasta and sauce made with my now famous chicken meat balls (made with shredded zucchini).

Also have zucchini muffins with vanilla ice cream for their dessert!

Mom called and told them she is coming for them tomorrow and I can hear them sweet-talking her into letting them stay until Sunday.

So now I have to figure out what to cook for them for the next 4 days!!


I made eggless macaroni pie last night so I had some for lunch. My granddaughter enjoys all noodles and rice dishes

Will have dhal and rice with fry ochro and some steamed kale n poi from garden.

I noticed that not much beans on vines except for the broad purple  and the white half moon shape beans

Garden is winding down….getting a cupful raspberries almost daily and few strawberries on vines for 2nd crop

@cain posted:

Macaroni an cheese, Cheese an Macaroni, Rice an peas, Peas an rice ...story done.

If only it was dis easy.....dem boys didn't grow up on KD. They will eat Mac and cheese but I have to cook from scratch.

When it comes to rice.....dem want dhaal and chicken curry with it!!

@Wildflower posted:

Lucky Nani😍 I am sure you only cook their fav foods

Yea.....I ask them every day what they want for dinner....and den I cook it!!

Today....they asked for canned Salmon (cooked with onion/garlic/tomatoes) and oil roti!!


VB, I like canned salmon with lots of onions, hot pepper and tomatoes too but recently someone told me that they don’t put tomatoes sometimes but they crack eggs over it. I tried it and enjoyed it too…well I love to cook and I love food so I enjoy most things😋😋


Yesterday I visited a friend for dinner… we had peas n rice with bbq chicken and Manchurian chicken n jasmine rice. I brought home some peas n rice and it for lunch. It’s sheer left overs I am eating ( fridge food)

Anyone seen Siggy?


On the menu, lamb biryan, naan with butter chicken. Nope, I did not cook! I spent all day looking for something I put somewhere but don’t know where and sadly, I am exhausted and the thing is still not found.

so my son got food at Babu’s and he shared😋

@Irfon Ali posted:

flower girl, you have to retrace your steps, then you'll find it

Omg Irfon, if I could even remember anything it would help. The only place left for  me to look is the garbage bin…and I pray that I did not throw it in the recycle bin caz that was emptied last Thursday. If it was mine I may have given up.

old brain😔


Lol @ garbaging stuff. My son threw stuff out from the garage and when I was setting up the new washer and dryer I looked for it then he to,d me it was there for so many yrs and we did not use so he threw out. Luckily my hoarder neighbour had taken all the stuff and when I was telling him that my son threw out my stuff he went and got it😁


Cooking today's rainy-day dinner......

boil'n'fry - eddoe, half-ripe plantain, American and West Indian sweet-potatoes.  Stewed salt fish!! (no dumplins today)

Very rarily I cook this, so we are going to sit down and enjoy every single bite!!


Mmmmm@VB😋 that’s one of my fav 😋 although it must have deep fried boiled duff. I also like it with fish curry and a big pot of sweetened tea.

Today I cooked boiled black beans then fry up some onion, garlic, hot pepper, thyme  n turmeric before I stir in the beans….will have it for breakfast tomorrow. I had doubles for lunch.

yesterday I went out and got pc fresh salmon caz I saw Irfon say he had salmon….I pan fried it with dill, garlic, butter, milk, lemon juice n habanero…with wild rice cooked in fresh tomatoes and basil

@cain posted:

Dunno if this is considered adding substance to the thread .....I forgot what I had for dinner, dah was so long ago.

Cain, chk google for all the foods that aid memory and have that at every meal😁

today I ate, dhal, rice, pumpkin, bajee,  channa curry, potato curry, katahar curry, puri and sweet rice….even brought home puri and katahar curry😋


Yesterday we did a harvest….picked 7 of the 21 butternuts, 9 acorn, 2 pumpkins, about 10 lbs hot pepper, few lbs beans and  4 five gallon buckets of tomato plus all the bigan on the two plants I have ( enough to cook and share with my ‘tenants’  and neighbours.  
so I cooked 1/4 of the beans with salt fish n tomatoes in turmeric n  masala….fry up the bigan with  🍅 n 🥔 / had a bit of both with rice for lunch


Lunch - made cheese and tomato sandwich for hubby with a salad. For me - my usual salad with shredded Gouda cheese.

Cooking dinner now..... dhaal, rice, ochra, bora/potato and bunjal big shrimps.